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Semicircle Cabinet Pulls - Polished Brass - PBS 2022-6003

Mã sản phẩm : PBS 2022-6003

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NNT Company  was established in 2022, specializing in manufacturing all kinds of hardware, wood industry accessories, table and chair frames, jewelry trays,... especially products that require high technical features from structure to to perfect appearance.  NNT  is known as a subsidiary separated from Ngu Kim Thanh Phong company, and specializes in the field of manufacturing all kinds of door handles, hardware accessories for the wood industry, and interior accessories to provide for customers. domestic market and direct export to foreign countries.  Although NNT  is young, it is a company full of potential when it inherits the most sophisticated features from the experienced technical and management team from NKTP. From mold engineering, product casting to surface finishing, from customer service to product quality, we are always confident that we will bring customers satisfaction beyond their expectations.

Besides, with enthusiasm for work, love for the profession, and understanding of products, NNT will always learn and innovate to create products that are creative, unique and bring simplicity. Convenient and modern style for decorating your home.

All types of door handles, cabinets, jewelry trays, decorative accessories from classic to modern, from simple to sophisticated, from popular to high-end products. level, we will not let you down.

We employees  will always try our best to be passionate about our work, always creating and innovating continuously to keep up with markets around the world. Bringing the best quality products to customers, will be proud to be " Made in Vietnam " products, bringing NNT's  name  far into the regional market and expanding into the world market.

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